Under the motto 'You are not alone', I have been accompanying leadership teams around the world and in our Vienna office for many years. Since 2019, this format is also available online. Many leaders often feel lonely and are tired of having to decide and control everything on their own. That doesn't have to be the case, because there are many leaders who feel the same way.

Therefore, we meet online for 2-3 hours at regular intervals (maximum eight leaders) to work on current leadership topics. This circle is led by me and is always newly designed. Topics can be individual or collective leadership issues (or Corona challenges).


  • Exchange, dialogue and solution finding with other executives
  • Recharge your batteries, get inspiration and ideas for the next weeks
  • Reflect on and expand your own repertoire of actions
  • Gain inner clarity and sharpen your own leadership compass


Managers, maximum eight participants

We will be happy to send you a customized offer.



Customized to your preferences, e.g. WebEx, MSTeams, Zoom, etc..


"Dear Erika, every time there are a few thought-provoking impulses from you that stick (e.g. on the topic of clarity in communication and action). Above all, it is very refreshing that your courses are not compulsory bullshit bingo far away from reality, but practice-oriented and real!"

- Dr. Markus Waldherr

Erika does not only have the methods of her guild with a light hand. There is much more. In coaching she always manages what W.H.Auden knew from poetry:

She forbids automatic responses,
forces us to have second thoughts
and frees us from the fetters of Self.

- Dr. Georg Grund-Groiss
"I was able to center and focus my topics under your guidance in the group. This was very important for me, because on the one hand it gave me a different view of the content and on the other hand I was able to leave out topics.

Your clarity in the statements and the demand for decisions were a great help for me. It is a great benefit for me not to "talk over" topics with my employees but to get straight to the point.
The feedback from the group is also important, because specialist topics can be brought into the respective situation.
Dear Erika, you as a person are for me, and I think also for you as a group, an essential factor for "feeling well taken care of and supported"."

- Anita PrĂ¼ller

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