Whether online or face to face, as an individual or through a corporate contingency - I am available to you personally as a coach, consultant and sparring partner. In addition to 25 years as a successful coach and entrepreneur, I am also passionate about teaching students, aspiring coaches and executives.

Attention. This coaching can change your life!


  • Together we will sharpen your inner compass, clarity and ensure you maintain focus to achieve your goals.
  • We address questions such as: What do you stand for as a leader? Who are you - especially in crises and challenges? How much do you let yourself be there (authenticity)? What does not work for you at all?
  • How would you like to accompany your team through crises?
  • Regular energy & mindset work will support you along the way.
Executives, entrepreneurs, managing directors

We will be happy to send you a customized offer.

For online coaching we use, adapted to your preferences, e.g. WebEx., MSTeams, Zoom etc..


"Dear Erika, you are made for your coaching job. You are like an intimate friend and companion in all situations of life - after coaching sessions with you, one has the feeling that you are still with one, your words "echo". You manage to awaken the radiance in you.
It's great that you exist and practice this profession. And thank you!"
- Dr. Susanne Riesenfelder
"Erika is not only a wonderful person, but also a unique coach! Her feel for people, her empathy and the unbelievably great experience guide you directly to the point, quickly and unerringly! The aha-experiences generated and insights gained can be put into practice immediately and have an immediate impact! Leadership & Transformation at it's best!"

- Astrid Gradischnig, MBA

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