For many years, I have accompanied existing leadership teams (board and management) in strategy retreats, change processes, crisis or conflict situations. Since 2019, this format has also been available online. Through Corona, it has now come into greater use. We offer coaching for leadership teams both online and in person at our office, in 1010 Vienna. For the online version we recommend a maximum of 2-3 hours at a time. For a face-to-face meeting, at least 3-4 hours.


  • We work on your current challenges in the team (content, crises, new start, communication, products, employees, etc.) and together come to new solutions and innovative ideas.
  • Together we find answers to current leadership topics.
  • We start where you currently are! Disruptions have priority!


We will be happy to send you a customized offer.


Customized to your preferences, e.g. WebEx, MSTeams, Zoom, etc..


"I experience Erika Kleestorfer as a coach in the group as infectiously positive, individually responsive to the specific questions and full of energy. She skillfully incorporates her comprehensive know-how, her life and work experience into the work. Above all, through targeted questions and feedback, she guides you to the right questions and encourages you to take concrete steps. Erika Kleestorfer always acts in an appreciative and results-oriented manner. Working with such a likeable expert is just cool and inspiring!"

- Dr. Stephan Korinek
"First and foremost, the group coaching made me aware that I am not alone with my everyday leadership problems. And as different as the challenges are, they mostly play out on the interpersonal level, which is far too under-lit in the working world. It was very nice to have gotten to know my colleagues better from another side in such an open atmosphere. In addition, the feedback from the group has led to trusting my abilities more, taming my urge to perform a bit and generally being more satisfied."

- Dr. Lucas Grafl

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